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Learn to Belly Dance!

Indigo is a Multi Award Winning and Recognized Performer! Indigo Recently Won 1st Place As a Gypsy Dancer! This is a Great opportunity to Study with a Women who truly studies Dance Movement & BellyDance Cultures Intensively!

BellyDance is a Fabulous way to tone up and learn Middle Eastern Music & Cultures. Indigo's intensive study of BellyDance gives her much to offer both experienced BellyDancers and the novice Dancer.

Learn true quality movements and art from varying Regions of the Middle East? BellyDance Class is a Great way for women to gather together while we move our bodies in a very emotionally and physically healthy style. BellyDance class allows you to learn to dance, learn grace, and be feminine all while learning about the culture of the Middle East.

Indigo Specializes in teaching Egyptian Raks Sharki BellyDance, Gypsy BellyDance, Creative Movement, BellyDrills, zills, Yoga, and freeing your Body into Dance

Beginning BellyDance: Move your Body in a fun, sexy fashion! This class is enjoyable for those who have traditional Dance Training, BellyDance Training, Movement Experience and those with Absolutely No Movement Experience at all! In Beginning BellyDance you learn the Basics of BellyDance and have lots of fun and quite often you will sweat! No experience necessary!

Egyptian Cabaret BellyDance: we will dance w/zills & veil to Egyptian Styling Movements. Work on methodology of Egyptian BellyDance from poise, posture, elegance, hips, arms, musicality and more. We will work on Choreography and Performance opps available for this advanced class. For those w/ 6 months or more BellyDance experience.

Gypsy BellyDance: Fusion of Turkish BellyDance, Turkish Rom, Flamenco Dance, Traditional Turkish Dance, zills, veil, Skirtwork and more. The Advanced Gypsy Class will learn choreogrpahies and Performance opps are available. For those with 6 months or more BellyDance experience.

Zills n Drills: We will work on Core muscles, drill and generally work on becoming better dancers! For Dancers whom have some experience in BellyDance. Yoga, Ballet, Jazz are all worked on for stability and improve dancing. We will begin w/ 1 movement and layer, layer, layer! Bring Zills! Floorwork touched upon. This is a Great Class for all styles of BellyDance and those whom wish to improve their dance! Indigo's approach to teaching BellyDance is to encourage the student to open up, express feminity while training and developing a Mind - Body Connection. Indigo will teach you methods of impecable technique and bring Authentic movements of Egypt, Turkey & Spain into your dance while fusing Ballet, Jazz & trained technique. A must for all Performers!

*If someone is interested in observing Class Please contact Indigo in advance of class. I need to take the consideration of students in class as to wether I allow a observer in class.*

BellyDance & Dance Class Schedule: Indigo is available for Private Lessons

Monday 7:30-8:30 Beginning BellyDance in Marysville
Session 2: 3/8/10-4/19/10 6 week course
Session 3: 5/3/10-6/7/10 5 week course
Session 4: 6/28/10-8/2/10 6 week course
Thru Marysville Parks & Rec to Register for Marysville Classes: (360) 363-8400 or http://ci.marysville.wa.us/main.htm

Tuesdays 8-9pm Beginning BellyDance in Snohomish @ PacWest Performing Arts
Beginning 1/5/10 and continuing indefinitely. Class is open for Registration & Drop Ins
Contact Pacific West Performing Arts to Register (360)563-2793

Tuesdays 6-7 Beginning BellyDance 6 week Session
o Register for BellyDance Contact: EvCC Extended Learning Program (425) 267-0150 or http://www.everettcc.edu/ccec/

Wednesdays 6:30-7:45pm Gypsy BellyDance in Marysville W/ Pilchuck Dance Academy
Taught by Indigo w/rotating instuctors Gilana, Astarte & Melody teaching frequently
Class is starting 1/13/10
Email Indigo for more info Register w/ Pilchuck Dance Academy www.p2dance.com (360)659-1099
5822 Grove St

Wednesday 5:30-6:30 Beginning BellyDance in Marysville w/ Pilchuck Dance Academy
Class continues indefinitely!
Class Held at Pilchuck Dance Academy www.p2dance.com (360)659- 1099
5822 Grove St Marysville

Thursdays 7:45-9pm Intermediate / Advanced Class w/ Choreo in Bothell @ Ottoman Trading Center
6 week Session:
Session 1 4/15-5/27
Session 2 6/3-7/22
Contact Ottoman Trading Center to Register (425)368-0369 http://ottomantradingco.innuitydirect.com/

Zills N Drills Workshop
Sat May 15 in Arlington at the Big Red Barn


To email with questions about Classes, Class Sessions, Private Lessons or Workshops, please contact Indigo

Workshop / Classes Topics:

Stomach Movements & Undualations
Egyptian Raks Sharki Technique
Sword & Zills & Veil
Musical Interpretation
Traveling Movements
Middle Eastern Rhythm Knowledge
Drum Solo



Gypsy Styling BellyDance

Skirt Work

Veil Work

Adding Ballet, Jazz, Pilates & Yoga to BellyDance



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